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Quality time and community service

For many fathers, thFather and Son Workingeir faith community is the best resource for intentional time with their sons. Dad and son breakfasts, camping trips, softball games and retreats are just a few of the excellent opportunities available at Twin Cities congregations for quality time.

Besides recreation, however, churches are one of the best places for dads to teach their sons about service to others and the community. This is important because boys who engage in service have a stronger sense of identity and belonging, especially when they serve with their dads. They learn about the intrinsic rewards of altruism and can begin to develop a personal ethic of responsibility for themselves and their community. If that doesn’t make it worth it, many stories provide anecdotal evidence that serving others helps prevent depression in boys and can even pull a depressed kid out of the doldrums. For more information and ideas follow this link to the Minneapolis Dads and Sons Examiner page.


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The Pastor is 50 Points

Today at church, when it was time to share the peace, Braden slipped out of the pew and walked the aisle until he could shake the hands of two pastors. It reminded me of a game that a guy in our Wednesday night small group played with his dad as a kid. They went to a very large Catholic church, and they had a game they played with each other when it was time to shake hands. Different people were worth different point values. Pastors were 50, nuns 25, and others had different values. When they were back in their seats, they would compare scores. Now doesn’t that sound like a really fun game to play with your dad! Who says church can’t be fun?


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Holy Week

There’s no better day than Palm Sunday to get kids involved in worship. We watched a procession of happy kids walk to the front waving (and whacking each other with) palm branches while everyone sang the opening hymn. Click on Luther’s seal below for some great Holy Week resources for bringing your faith home.


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