Play at Home Today: Arrow Paper Airplane

13 Mar

Joshua Feb 27 2013I’m writing this post with my son, Braden. We decided to share this idea together, since it is a project that we enjoyed doing together. In addition, it was one of our best flyers. Let me explain.

Braden gave me a calendar for Christmas (he wanted to make sure I mentioned that). It was the Paper Airplane Fold-A-Day Calendar by David Mitchell and Kyong Lee. Today we did the January 12 & 13 page. Arrow, as the design is called, was our fastest plane and best flyer yet.

This calendar is brilliant. It only costs about $15.00 and is a ready go-to activity for playing at home. The image above shows how it looks. You follow the directions on the current day’s page to fold the previous day’s page. Each page is printed with fun colors and neat designs that make the final airplane look really cool.

The image and the link above go to the publisher’s website, but it is also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Incidentally, the publisher, Accord Publishing out of Denver, CO, looks like the have lots of really neat titles for children.

Here’s what Braden had to say:

Me: What do you like about the calendar?

BK: That you get to make paper airplanes.

Me: Anything else?

BK: That we get to do it together.

Me: Me: Anything else?

BK: It was a Christmas present from me.

Me: If you were going to tell somebody else why they should get one for their dad, what would you say?

BK: Because it’s a nice and quiet thing to do. It’s relaxing. It’s good to do when someone is napping like your little brother so you don’t wake ’em up.


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