Thinking about a heartful weekend

11 Jun

 I’m one of those people who will have 1000 (likely not an exaggeration) thoughts per minute. If you score me on the Gallup verified Strengths index, I score in Adaptability, Ideation, Intellection, Input (gathering ideas), Learner, and Connectedness. Most of these are in the “Thought” category.

Why would I open my post with this kind of entry? Because it relates to how I experienced a very “feeling” weekend with my three-year-old niece who is right smack-dab in the middle of her treatment for leukemia. For a person who is identified as being in his “head” I often shift into heart thinking, which I’ve developed using Hearthmath and Contemplative Outreach and Present Moment Parenting. For people like me and maybe you (strong in thinking), it may not be natural to shift into the heart and intuition, but I definitely experienced the benefits of practicing these skills during this weekend, both personally and as a way to be present and beneficial those around me.

Particularly with my nephew who, in addition to being in the middle of cancer treatment with a current  sister, traveled through the journey of illness and the eventual passing of another sister, I was able to reconnect and create the ground work for ongoing connection and asset building (stay tuned for future posts).

If you’re interested in learning more about being heartfully present with your kids and others with whom you are connected, get in touch with me. I’d love to share more. 651-274-0031 or

Fiddlehouse Parent Coaching: 651-274-0031, or use the form below.


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