Mind Monday: Avoid Infohurl and Feed Your Brain

29 Mar

You hear a lot about brain foods, but one stands above the rest both in credible research and bonus effects for the rest of your body.

This super-food can:

  1. Drastically benefit children and adults who have ADHD.
  2. Significantly assist in balancing brain chemicals that contribute to mood.
  3. Enhance learning ability for kids and adults.
  4. Immediately remedy skin conditions.
  5. Improve heart health and blood vessel health.
  6. Reduce cancer risks.
  7. And much much more.

Some of you have already guessed that I’m talking about cod liver oil, fish oil, and/or krill oil. There’s a lot of buzz on the internet about which is the best choice. There’s also lots of information about oxidization and refrigeration.

If you try to keep up with all of that you get a condition that Jim Ollhoff, a colleague and former professor of mine, calls Infohurl. It’s when you take in such an excessive amount of opinion and data that you get sick of it and feel like your going to…well…hurl.

After recovering from my case of infohurl, here’s what I decided for our family. I like two products:

  1. Fermented Cod Liver Oil
  2. Krill oil

They both have their own unique benefits. Below are two links from respected organizations that provide helpful information on both. My parting shot on this topic is: Don’t let infohurl keep you from the benefits of fermented cod liver oil or krill oil.


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